Risk Management

Captaur Risk management services envelop a wide range of project and business risks
All business and projects inherently involve risk, it is the recognition of risk and the management of risks that cannot be eradicated ultimately determine success and profitability.

Captaur can support business and project decision making in evaluating, managing, mitigating risk.
The risks of operating in global markets have never been more apparent. Operational risks are taken regularly by organizations, and are viewed as a normal cost of doing business. The key is to effectively manage these risks within a tolerable range of performance and avoid the rare but potentially catastrophic headline-grabbing situations that can threaten organizational existence. Operational risks must also be managed in an efficient and increasingly integrated manner, reflecting

Captaur risk management services encompass:

  • Risk identification
  • Risk ranking
  • Mitigation planning
  • Risk modelling (Monte Carlo / Primavera Risk)
  • Risk, cost and schedule trending

Risk Management
risk management