Welcome to Captaur B.V.

Welcome to Captaur B.V.

Capatur B.V. was established in 2013 by Peter D. Yates, after recognizing that many owners, Contractors and companies were spending too much time and money on delivering and completing major projects.
Having worked on the Planning and Control of a plethora of mega projects worldwide I understood the need for proper planning and resourcing from the outset.

Captaur B.V. was established to support clients in delivering project that meet client goals and objectives, namely ON TIME, Within Budget, safely and to the quality standards expected.
Our formula and principles are simple, understand the client’s needs, evaluate options, discuss opportunities and risk, solidify the plan, set goals, budgets and objectives, manage and control the processes and performance, and DELIVER.

Captaur can ensure delivery by hire the best, and using seasoned professionals to guide, mentor and lead.



Peter D. Yates